Pet Health Plan

Welcome to The Mackie and Brechin Pet Healthcare Plan.

The aim of the plan is to provide your pet with the best possible preventative healthcare, whilst allowing you to spread the cost with affordable monthly payments throughout the year.

Vaccination is extremely important to protect your pet from infectious diseases and maintain good health; therefore the plan includes annual boosters (including kennel cough for dogs and feline leukaemia virus for cats). There are also many parasitic diseases which can make your pet quite unwell, so once in the healthcare plan you will be supplied with the highest quality, veterinary licensed products recognised to be amongst the most effective against worms (including round, tape and lungworms), fleas and many other skin parasites – as we advise routinely for all our patients.

Another advantage of the healthcare plan includes the reassurance of two health checks per year for your pet usually one with a nurse and the other with one of our vets. A full health check will include an assessment of your pets’ general health, a weight check and an examination of ears, eyes, skin and coat, nails, teeth, joints and muscles and a microchip check. This allows any abnormalities to be detected early.

Healthcare Plan members will also benefit from 10% discounts on:

  • Neutering
  • Imaging (Digital X-rays, Ultrasound, Endoscopy)
  • In-house Blood tests
  • Surgery
  • Additional vaccination (e.g. rabies)
  • Dental work
  • All food and selected treats
  • Preventative healthcare products

Additional benefits:

  • £10 Microchipping
  • Seasonal Special Offers
  • Complimentary nurse clinics
  • Complimentary text and email reminders
  • 25% discount on Tick prevention

Plan Categories:

We do not have ‘levels’ of cover as our healthplan has been designed to provide gold standard care for all in an affordable and convenient package. However, different animals do have different risk categories and preferences. Our Standard dog plan includes routine vaccination as above plus protection from fleas, mites and worms using monthly spot-on preparations and a 6 monthly tablet. Tick prevention is not included is but available with a 25% discount for specific circumstances (for instance going on holiday) or during higher risk periods (Spring and Summer). Our Alternative plan uses tablet-only products that provide tick prevention all year round and as such is suitable for high risk dogs (for instance working or very country-active dogs) or for those that prefer tablets to spot-on preparations.

For cats we have two categories depending on whether they live indoors only or go outside. While the risk of infectious disease for indoor cats is obviously lower we would still recommend routine vaccination and due to the human health implications once yearly worming. The outdoor cat plan includes three monthly worming, flea and tick prevention and would be recommended for any cats that go out.

If you are at all uncertain about the best option for your pet please ask. Joining is very straightforward. If you are interested in a simple, affordable way of protecting your pet’s health please ask a member of staff. Alternatively, you can sign up online here, and we will be in touch to confirm and organise your first batch of parasite products.

(Please note that if vaccination is due within three months of signing up there will be an additional charge to pay at 10% discount of standard rates)

Mackie & Brechin Pet Healthcare Plan Savings

Plan Cost per month Total plan cost for 1 year Total cost without plan Annual saving
Cat Indoor £7.00 £84.00 £117.71 £33.71
Cat Outdoor £16.00 £192.00 £293.71 £101.71
Small Dog £17.00 £204.00 £288.35 £84.35
Medium Dog £18.00 £216.00 £317.83 £101.83
Large Dog £19.00 £228.00 £358.91 £130.91
Giant Dog £28.00 £336.00 £530.03 £194.03
£1 per month discount for each additional animal
Alternative Plan Cost per month Total plan cost for 1 year Total cost without plan Annual saving
Small Dog £22.00 £264.00 £365.55 £101.55
Medium Dog £23.00 £276.00 £454.07 £178.07
Large Dog £28.50 £342.00 £587.43 £245.43
Giant Dog £33.00 £396.00 £749.63 £353.63
£1 per month discount for each additional animal

Additional Savings*

Microchipping – £18.85
Dogs – saving between £27 and £32 on spay or £18 and £23 on castrate
Cats – saving around £9 on spay and £7 on castrate

*Prices updated March 2024. Subject to change.